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Updating hover style in IE8 Developer Tools

In our project we still have to support Internet Explorer 8. The CSS issues in IE8 are most difficult to debug and solve. You can not add a new rule in Developer Tools or toggle the state of an element to hover as in moder web browser dev tools.

One solution that I’ve come up to today, is to add a style with javascript or jQuery, open the script pane in IE8 Dev Tools and add this line:

This will fill update the hover effect of the .ms-srch-item directly.



That’s it, just a little tip.

Styling suiteBar and IE8


Today I want to share little css tip for styling the suiteBar in SharePoint 2013 and making it work even in IE8. I needed to apply a green color to the suiteBar (#005128). It worked in all browsers except IE8:


The reason why is a special css rule (in corev15.css) that only IE8 understands:

I found this answer in an blog post written by Trace Armstrong: SharePoint 2013 – Branding the Top Bar and the Importance of Browser Testing. You could override this css rule with your colors, just dig into the msdn documentation.

What I needed though, was just a plain color, so I didn’t want to dig into that old progid-definitions. There is actually a simpler solution on social.msdn.microsoft.com. A guy called avshinnikov just overrides the “filter” rule by setting it to none. If you apply it only with id selector (#suiteBarLeft) then you have to put “!important” after that.

Fortunately I allready had my own css class on html tag which is a sort of a “namespace” for my selectors:

The class .takana-html can have any name, of course, and it can be a class on a closer parent element to the suiteBar. The only goal for that is to make your css rules more important in your design in a natural way (and avoiding the “!important”). Eventhough many people use this principle without thinking about it, I’ve not found any info regarding this principle. I only heard Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo talking about it and referring to it as “css namespaces” in a video course: Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start. Of course, the name isn’t unique, there is another thing called css namespaces. But the concept is really good.