Drag and Drop Image using Client Side Rendering

I continue my series about Client Side Rendering (CSR) and jsgrid. Today I want to try a custom field where users can drag and drop images. The inspiration comes from:

What I want to achieve is:

  1. A custom field that is rendered with jslink
  2. Users can drag and drop small pictures (thumbnails) into the field
  3. A base64 image representation is saved as the field value
  4. Optionally implement pasting images using Clipboard API

Step 1 Create a field with a custom jslink

Create a field of type Note. I am using the PnP Core Extensions to make it quickier:


My jslink file is very simple to begin with:

This will result in the following display form. Just outputting “hello” indicates that my field is jslink are registered correctly:


Step 2. Ensure base64 works in the field

Not all fields will work. I have tried many of them and found that the field type Note with Plain text works for saving base64 images.

First download some sample icons at flaticons.com


Convert an icon to a base64 image using dataurl.net:


Save the string into the Drag And Drop Image field:


Now update the view template in the CSR overrides:

Well, it works:


 Step 3. Implement drag and drop

Let’s start with the edit template:

I have wrapped the image element with a div (id=drop_zone). Now I need some css to show it:

Now there is a clear “drop zone”:
To make it as simple as possible, let’s follow oroboto’s drag and drop code. Here we go:

That’s not bad, not bad:


The last thing in this step is to save the base64 value

Step 4 Support pasting images

Drag And Drop is cool. But what about pasting images. Wouldn’t it be nice? The functionality is called Clipboard API. You can check which browsers support this on caniuse.com. The simplest example I’ve found is on stackoverflow: How does onpaste work

The code I use is as follows:

Here is how pasting works:

Step 5 Error handling (Not done yet)

I need to ensure that

  • only images are allowed
  • only small images are allowed, otherwise base64 will be to heavy
  • proper handling of old browsers, we don’t need to support them, but the users should get good information about what they need to make it work
  • a help icon is shown, when clicked a help callout is shown about how it works

Step 6 Support Quick Edit (Not done yet)

We need code that works in Quick Edit:

  • need to write code for jsgrid
  • need handling of multiple drop zones on the same page (unique ids and smart handling of pasting)


This post is about discovering what’s possible to do with client side rendering and using today’s technologies like html5 and new javascript apis. I hope you’ve got some inspiration how normal sharepoint fields combined with Client Side Rendering (CSR) api can create more value in your project, in Office 365 and in SharePoint On Premises. Please leave feedback in comments.

Fulll source code

And finally, here comes the most up-to-date full source code for this custom Drag And Drop Image field:


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