How to select all elements except a pseudo element using CSS and LESS

This may not be the easiest way to achieve this results, but I wanted to share it because it was genuinly awesome.

I wanted to put a bottom margin on all elements, except the last one, and I wanted to do it using nested LESS-syntax. Sure, I could just write two rules, one that put the bottom margin on all elements, and one that removed it on the last child. Like this:

But where’s the fun in that? No learning = no fun.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it, so I turned to StackOverflow and got exactly the kind of answer I wanted. User BoltClock explained and here’s what I learned:

What I wanted to do was to select all elements that were children of .content, but not the last one, so I had to select all children with the child selector > , then single out the last one with :last-child and put it in the :not-selector. Like this:

Which in its turn compiled to:

In the end I had to abandon it because there was an IE8 requirement in place. IE8 causes so much sadness.


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